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Gleem Electric Toothbrush, Battery Powered, Soft Bristles, Black and White (2 pk.)

Gleem Electric Toothbrush, Battery Powered, Soft Bristles, Black and White (2 pk.)

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Effortlessly activate the sleek and slim GLEEM Toothbrush to enhance your smile with a brilliant shine. Gentle Sonic Bristle Vibrations polish teeth to create a gleeming smile.

The built-in timer pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch areas of your mouth and guide you to the recommended two-minute brushing time. Need to pause your brushing cycle? GLEEM has you covered. The handle includes memory control so you can pause and resume the brushing cycle. Simply press the illuminated power button to start, pause, or end your brushing cycle. The stunning glossy handle finish includes a decorative metallic ring for a stunning, counterworthy finish that’s as beautiful as your smile.

Are you ready to travel? GLEEM toothbrush comes with a travel case to help maintain your toothbrush’s splendor. The battery-operated toothbrush does not require a charger so take it anywhere; camping, in your carry-on, or to your home bathroom. While you’re traveling or at home make sure your smile and your toothbrush are GLEEMing!

Has it been three months? GLEEM’s refill brush head uses soft, nylon bristles with rounded filaments for a gentle clean. The Refill Brush heads are offered in white and black color options so you can customize your toothbrush. GLEEM recommends replacing your brush head every three months.

  • Includes 2 handles, 2 brush heads, 2 travel cases & 2 refill brush heads
  • Powered by a pre-installed AAA battery
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