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Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops (.25 fl. oz, 2 pk.)

Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops (.25 fl. oz, 2 pk.)

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LUMIFY eye drops significantly reduce redness to help eyes appear whiter, brighter and more naturally radiant. They work in just one minute and last up to eight hours. These one-a-kind drops have a unique formulation that works differently by selectively targeting redness with impressive results and a reduced risk of potential side effects. LUMIFY works differently to selectively target redness with a lower risk of potential side effects.

Eye Drops for Red Eyes

LUMIFY significantly reduces redness to help reveal your eyes' natural radiance. From the eye care experts at Bausch and Lomb, LUMIFY works in 1 minute and lasts up to eight hours.

LUMIFY is different

The only over-the-counter eye drops to contain brimonidine. It selectively targets redness, alleviating some potential side effects associated with other redness relief drops, when used as directed. LUMIFY contains no bleach or dyes. It’s the Number One Eye Doctor recommended redness reliever*.

Eye Care Experts at Bausch and Lomb

For over 150 years, we have focused on innovation and quality in eye care products, from contact lenses and solutions to eye drops, ointments, eye vitamins, and more.

Amazing Looking Eyes

We understand how important eyes are. And despite all the eye creams, mascara, eyeliners and eyeshadows, if your eyes are red, you won’t look your best.

  • Redness reliever
  • Clinically proven safe and effective
  • FDA-approved
  • 2 bottles (0.25 oz. each)
  • Weight: .1565 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6" x 1.1875" 8"
  • Active ingredient: Brimonidine tartrate (0.025%)

LUMIFY is a trademark of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates. © 2021 Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates.

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