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Oral-B Brilliance Whitening Toothbrush with X Filaments, Extra Soft (5 ct.)

Oral-B Brilliance Whitening Toothbrush with X Filaments, Extra Soft (5 ct.)

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The Oral-B Brilliance Toothbrush helps provide a whiter smile starting from day 1 by removing tough surface stains. The ultra-dense bristles help to provide a deep and effective clean for your mouth while still being ultra-soft on your teeth and gums.

Along with providing a whiter smile, the x-filaments provide superior plaque removal compared to regular bristles in order to help improve your overall oral health. Experience your best clean yet with the combination of advanced cleaning x-filament technology and advanced gum care filaments.
The x-shaped bristles are able to reach deep to provide an expert-level clean versus regular bristles by removing plaque from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. This toothbrush has an iconic design with a stylish grip to make brushing easier. The handle is designed to avoid slipping and fit all brushing styles.

A new toothbrush cleans 95% better in hard-to-reach areas compared to one three months old. Change your toothbrush regularly for the best results.

Oral-B Brilliance is a great addition to any bathroom to bring that ROYAL whitening experience to your everyday oral care routine.

You will receive three stylish colors: Black, Coral, and Teal colors.


5 - Oral-B Brilliance Whitening Toothbrush with X Filaments

  • 2 - Black
  • 2 - Teal
  • 1 - Coral


Replace brush every 3 months. Change your brush regularly for best results.

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