Oral-B Pro Advantage Battery-Powered Toothbrush (2 pk.)

Oral-B Pro Advantage Battery-Powered Toothbrush (2 pk.)

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Power up to a better clean with the Oral-B Pro Advantage Battery Powered Toothbrush. FlossAction brush heads clean deep between teeth to remove plaque for healthy gums. Improve your oral health by removing more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush with each use. From Oral-B, the brand recommended most by dentists. For best results, dentists recommend replacing brush head every 3 months. Includes 2 handles, 4 replacement heads and 4 AA batteries.

How Does It Compare To A Manual Brush?

The Oral-B Pro Advantage Battery Powered Toothbrush uses a FlossAction refill, providing a floss-like clean and superior plaque removal to a regular, manual toothbrush. The round shape of the brush head is designed to mimic the dental professional tools used for tooth-by-tooth cleaning. The roundness of the brush allows it to envelop each individual tooth, on a tooth-by-tooth basis, to provide you with a cleaning experience that feels like someone has individually scrubbed each tooth in your mouth. The bristles on the Oral-B electric toothbrush heads are designed with a unique floss action to loosen plaque from your teeth and gums. While these Oral-B toothbrush heads provide floss-like action, they do not fill the role of flossing. Dentists recommend you should floss every day to protect your teeth and gums from cavities and disease. Oral-B toothbrushes are the #1 toothbrush brand recommended by dentists worldwide.

  • Includes:
  • 2 handles
  • 4 brush heads
  • 4 AA batteries